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3 candle lantern with rope handles


Posted on 1st June, 2018

For those of you who haven' been following me on my Facebook page let me give you a bit of back ground on myself. I have worked in accountancy for over 30 years and due to health reasons I decided to take up a hobby. I decided to try glass painting and was lucky enough to be given 4 jars or transparent glass paint and a couple of paintbrushes by my youngest sister. 

Can I just say it is not as easy as it looks and I have had many disasters and even have them now occasionally. 

I have experimented with different brands and have spent an absolute fortune on brushes.

My preferred brand of water based transparent glass paint is Le Franc & Borgouise and my favourite oil based transparent paint is Pebeo.

With regards to brushes I would think it' ad personal as someone's favourite pens. Some people can write with anything whereas other people prefer a specific grip or nib type. Can I just say I actually struggle to write with anything these days and yet mericulously I seem to be able to paint! 

I paint using the whole spectrum of the Chakra (rainbow) as each colour has a different healing property as does each chakra. I am a trained Reiki therapist but no longer practice as no matter what protection I put in place I frequently suffer the symptoms of the person receiving healing....... now however I can transfer the healing into the painting as anyone who has done Reiki will know.  This means I no longer suffer from transference of symptoms and hopefully the recover of the painted glass receives some beneit of the love and healing from their painted glass.



New website and 1st blog post

Posted on 1st June, 2018

OMG this is really exciting. Website uploaded last week and me importing albums this week. Home page not updated yet with fabulous narrative from 2 great marketing friends! 


Our broadband is really slow so it takes ages to download photos and then for some reason they are all importd on their sides so I then have to spend at least one minute on each one rotating it to the correct position.  Please please let me know if I miss any? Xxx


Now I can understand why it costs so much money to have a website built lol xxx